2023-24 Academic Catalog

Immunization Requirements

Required Measles/Rubella Immunization

In cooperation with the Mississippi State Department of Health and for the protection of our students, Mississippi State University requires new students, including transfers, born after 1956 to provide proof of immunity of measles and rubella.  A student will not be allowed to register for classes until this requirement has been met.  Prior enrollment at MSU does not automatically clear a student from immunization updates.  This proof consists of one of the following.

  1. Documented history of two doses of measles vaccine and one of rubella, usually given as MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella).  The first of these immunizations MUST have been given AFTER 12 months of age and AFTER 1968. Immunizations given prior to the age of 12 months or before 1968 are not valid.
  2. Serologic confirmation of immunity to measles AND rubella (must be confirmed by laboratory report).
  3. Documented history of physician-diagnosed measles and rubella.

Temporary waivers are available for pregnant women with a physician’s letter of confirmation and expected date of confinement, or women suspecting pregnancy.

Permanent waivers are given for the following groups of students.

  1. Born before January 1, 1957, or
  2. Provide documented proof of a significant life-threatening allergic reaction to this particular vaccine (requires documentation of reaction), or
  3. With a disease that will cause a permanent contraindication to immunization (requires documentation of disease).

A student can confirm his/her status with Longest Student Health Center by emailing health@msstate.edu or by calling 662-325-0706. Additional information regarding this requirement is available at http://www.health.msstate.edu.