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ANĀ 2203 Introduction to Race and Ethnicity: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: Three hours in an introductory social science). Three hours lecture. Introduction to the sociological examination of race and ethnicity; overview of theories and methods; exploration of how race and ethnicity impact individual and group identity and social institutions and structures. (Same as SO 2203 and AAS 2203)

General Education Requirements

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...1173 will also receive an "S" (credit) in...1073 , HI 1163 , EN 2203 , ART 1013 , ART...

Department of Sociology

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...grade of "B"; Complete an "Application for Admission...Introduction to Sociology , SO 2203 Introduction to Race...

Department of English

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...as an ESL supplemental endorsement to an existing...and World literature. EN 2203 does not count...

Management and Information Systems

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...of the link between an organization and information...Replaces A B ACC 2203 Survey of Accounting...