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ART 1213 Drawing I: 3 hours.

Six hours laboratory. A freehand drawing course for all students interested in the visual arts. This course offers the basic vocabulary for a graphic notation

Department of Art

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The Department of Art’s primary undergraduate responsibilities include educating professional artists with concentrations in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Photography; preparing students for a career or advanced study; offering courses that fulfill University requirements; and providing an active art gallery to serve the University, the community, and region.

Credit by Examination

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...Course 1. ART HISTORY 3 3 ART 1013...CH 1213 4 or 5 6 CH 1213...

Department of Chemistry

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...and the Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) degrees...be replaced by CH 1213 and CH 1211...

The James Worth Bagley College of Engineering

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...and Chemistry I ( CH 1213 ) with grades of...in the College of Arts and Sciences in...

School of Architecture

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...a grade of "C" or less in ART 1213 Drawing I . Minor in Architectural Studies...

Department of History

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...earn a Bachelor of Arts degree with a...1163 / HI 1173 ; HI 1213 / HI 1223 ; HI...