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BCS 1126 Building Construction Studio B: 6 hours.

(Prerequisite:BCS 1116 ). Twelve hours laboratory. Development of building assemblies and construction sequencing, drawings and computer applications, project management skills, and professional thinking and action

Building Construction Science

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The Building Construction Science degree program is a four year Bachelor of Science degree designed to prepare graduates for careers in construction or construction-related fields. The 124 credit hour program is an interdisciplinary curriculum that builds upon expertise existing within the School of Architecture and the College of Engineering and the College of Business as well as the building construction industry to provide a knowledge base in business, engineering, and construction sciences. The curriculum’s foundational areas are based on a problem-and inquiry-based learning. Through the four year studio curriculum, students learn by applying skills and knowledge to complex construction problems that integrate multiple subject areas. The studio-based teaching focuses on the use of case studies and integration of multiple subject areas. This integration of a broader scope of architectural, engineering, construction, and business practices is a different approach than a traditional construction technology curriculum that separates subject areas into distinct courses.