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CSEĀ 6613 Bio-computing: 3 hours.

Three hours lecture. Essential programming skills for computational biology. Problem-solving and use of specialized bio-computing libraries. (Credit will not be given to students matriculating in Computer Science, Computer Engineering , or Software Engineering degree programs)

Computer Science and Engineering

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Department Head: Dr. Shahram Rahimi Graduate Coordinator: Dr. T.J. Jankun-Kelly 300 Butler Hall Box 9637 Mississippi State, MS 39762-9637 Telephone: 662-325-2756 Fax: 662-325-8997 E-mail: office@cse.msstate.edu Website: http://www.cse.msstate.edu

College of Veterinary Medicine

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...PSS 8653 Genomes and Genomics, CSE 6613 Bio-computing, CSE 6623 Computational Biology + 6 hrs...