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PH 1123 General Physics II: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: PH 1113 or PH 2213). Two hours lecture, one hour drill, two hours laboratory. Noncalculus-based study of thermal physics, waves, sound, and light

Credit by Examination

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...PH 1113 and credit for PH 1123 and PH 1133 or PH 2213 and PH...

Department of Biological Sciences

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...to M.S. or Ph.D., medical, dental...1004 , BIO 1023 , BIO 1123 , BIO 3004 , BIO...

Department of Geosciences

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...bachelor's through the Ph.D. levels. Course...and historical geology ( GG 1123 / GG 1121 ) plus...

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