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SO 1003 Introduction to Sociology: 3 hours.

Three hours lecture. The nature and development of culture; social aspects of personality; analysis of community life, population trends, social classes, institutions, processes, and organization; culture change

Department of Sociology

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...courses. SO 1003 , SO 2203 , and SO 3213 are required. The other three SO courses...

General Education Requirements

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...1013 , ART 1113 , MU 1113 , PS 1113 , SO 1003 , EC 2113 5. Catalog Terms Students...

Department of Communication

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...work with individual students so that the minor...the major. 6 CO 1003 is required unless...

School of Human Sciences

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...or higher in MBA prerequisite courses 2 SO 1003 is required for the Sociology emphasis...