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ST 8114 Statistical Methods: 4 hours.

(Prerequisite: MA 1313). Three hours lecture. Two hours laboratory. Fall and Spring semesters. Descriptive statistics; sampling distributions; inferences for one and two populations; completely random, block, Latin square, split-plot designs; factorials; simple linear regression; chi-square tests

Animal Nutrition


...requirements; however, BCH 6603 , BCH 6613 , ST 8114 , and ST 8214 are required if they...

Animal Physiology


...may include BCH 6603 , BCH 6613 , ST 8114 , and ST 8214 or equivalents. A minor...

College of Veterinary Medicine


...24 hours of coursework including 1 seminar, ST 8114 Statistical Methods, CVM 8333 Food Safety...

Wildlife, Fisheries, and Aquaculture


...Program Advisory Committee (GPAC) and will include ST 8114 or equivalent, but may not include...