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ST 8214 Design and Analysis of Experiments: 4 hours.

(Prerequisite: ST 8114) Three hours lecture. Three hours laboratory. Offered spring semester. Procedures in planning and analyzing experiments; simple, multiple, and curvilinear regression; factorial arrangement of treatments; confounding; fractional replication; block designs; lattices; split-plots

Animal Nutrition

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...however, BCH 6603 , BCH 6613 , ST 8114 , and ST 8214 are required if they were...

Animal Physiology

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...include BCH 6603 , BCH 6613 , ST 8114 , and ST 8214 or equivalents. A minor is...

Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion

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...3 hours except EPY 8214). For programmatic accreditation...fulfills this requirement. 2 ST 8114 , KI 8313...

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