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FO 2113 Dendrology: 3 hours.

(Prerequisite: BIO 1144 or BIO 2113 or equivalent ). Two hours lecture. Four hours laboratory. Introduction to the identification and systematic classification of trees and other woody plants. Field exercises to promote the recognition and identification of trees and other woody plants

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The Objective. The Forestry Major prepares its graduates for professional, science-based careers in the management and use of forested ecosystems. By combining courses offering a broad general education with specialized professional courses, the curriculum of the Forestry Major is designed to produce professionally competent graduates who have appropriate development in interpersonal relations, written and oral communications, cultural understanding, environmental awareness, and professional ethics.

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...4103 , PSS 4123 , PSS 4133 , PSS 4613 , FO 2113 2 Select one course from ADS...