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PSS 3133 Introduction to Weed Science: 3 hours.

(Prerequisites: BIO 2113; CH 1213 or CH 1053). Three hours lecture. Managing weeds; basic weed biology; methods of controlling weeds, introductory herbicide technology, weed control systems, and the fate of herbicides in the environment

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

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Plant and Soil Sciences curricula focus on the application of sciences to the integrated management of plants, soil, and climate for high-quality production of food, fiber, fuel, and ornamental plants. Central to this course of study is the dedication to conserve, maintain and enhance our environment. An undergraduate student may major in Agronomy (AGN),  Envrionmental Sciences in Agricultural Systems (ESAS), or Horticulture (HO) and specialize in concentration areas such as Agricultural and Environmental Soil Sciences (AGN), Golf and Sports Turf Management (AGN), Integrated Crop Management (AGN), Integrated Pest Management (AGN), Floral Management (HO), Floriculture and Ornamentals (HO), and Fruit and Vegetable Production (HO). A grade of “C” or better is required in all required PSS courses in the student’s major prior to completion of the degree.

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