2022-23 Academic Catalog

General Liberal Arts

Advisor: Kate Sawaya
Office: 513 Allen Hall

Students who prefer to specialize in more than one field of study may earn a B.A. degree in General Liberal Arts. Requirements for this degree include all of the following: satisfactory completion of the University General Education and College Core curriculum; satisfactory completion of the College of Arts & Sciences B.A. requirements; approval of the proposed G.L.A. program; satisfactory completion of 12 hours of upper-division courses (courses numbered 3000 and above) in each of three fields of study, all with a grade of C or better. The three fields may all be within the College of Arts & Sciences, or one of the three may be within another school/college of the University if that field is related to the student’s educational or career goals. To ensure an orderly progression of work toward the degree, interested students should meet with the program’s advisor as early as possible. Furthermore, admittance into the program requires approval of the GLA Committee and the Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences. General Liberal Arts is not suitable for students who are uncertain about their choice of a major; these students should see the Undecided listing in the Academic Affairs section.

General Education and College Requirements

English Composition
EN 1103English Composition I3
or EN 1104 Expanded English Composition I
EN 1113English Composition II3
or EN 1173 Accelerated Composition II
Foreign Language
3rd semester proficiency - one language9
Emphasis Area - consult advisor36
Literature - see A&S requirements3
History - see A&S requirements3
Philosophy Elective - consult advisor3
Humanities Electives - must be from 2 different areas - see A&S core9
MA 1313College Algebra3
or MA 1103 College Algebra Linked Lab- Corequisite Model
or MA 1213 Math in Your World
Above College Algebra3
Fine Arts
See A&S requirements3
Natural Sciences
Physical Science w/Lab 13-4
Biological Science w/Lab 23-4
Natural Science Elective 33-4
Social Sciences 4
See A&S core6
Social Sciences Electives12
Major Core
GLA 4001Senior Project1
Oral Communication Requirement 33
Computer Requirement 33
Writing Requirement 33
15 or more hours to equal 12415
Total Hours124

See A&S core courses.


See A&S core courses.


Consult advisor.


Must be from 2 different areas and must cross 4 disciplines over the 18 hours. Only one EC and one CO allowed. See advisor.


GLA 4000 Directed Individual Study in General Liberal Arts: 1-6 hours.

Hours and credit to be arranged

GLA 4001 Senior Project: 1 hour.

(Retricted to GLA majors or permission of the instructor) One hour lecture. Cohesive capstone course that draws together the diverse threads of the liberal arts. This course encourages analysis and criticism of social, ethical, and related issues that challenge the modern world

GLA 4990 Special Topics in GLA: 1-9 hours.

This course is to be used on a limited basis to offer developing subject matter areas not coverd in existing courses