2017-18 Academic Catalog

Credit by Examination

Not more than 25 percent of any curriculum may be earned by advanced standing examinations, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), evaluated military service credits, tutorial, extension courses, and advanced placement exams (a maximum of 20% of the total degree hours can be correspondence courses). Evaluated military service credits are classified as extension work. Correspondence courses must be approved by the dean before being taken by students in residence. Mississippi State University serves as an open testing center for both the General and Subject Examinations.

a. Advanced Placement Examinations.

Students entering Mississippi State University for the first time are allowed credit on the advanced placement examination administered by the College Entrance Examination Board. Grades of Satisfactory (S) appear on the transcript for courses in which advanced placement credit is earned. These courses do not affect grade-point averages. Applicability of such credit to a specific degree is to be determined by the appropriate dean. The following table provides the details on how credit is presently assigned in the various subject areas by the deans.

AP Examination Score Hours Related Course
1. ART HISTORY 4 or 5 3 ART 1013
2. BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE (no lab credit) 3 3 BIO 1023
4 6 or 7 BIO 1123 and BIO 1134
5 8 BIO 1134 and BIO 1144
3. CHEMISTRY 3 3 CH 1213
4 or 5 6 CH 1213 and CH 1223
A Exam 3, 4, or 5 4 CSE 1284
Macroeconomics 4 or 5 3 EC 2113
Microeconomics 4 or 5 3 EC 2123
Language & Comp. 3 3 EN 1103
Language & Comp. 4 or 5 6 EN 1103 and EN 1113
Literature & Comp. 3 3 EN 1103
Literature & Comp. 4 or 5 6 EN 1103 and EN 1113
Language and Culture 3 6 FLF 1123 and FLF 2133
Language and Culture 4 6 FLF 2133 and FLF 2143
Language 5 7 FLF 2143 and FLF 3114
Culture 5 6 FLF 2143 and FLF 3143
Language and Culture 3 6 FLG 1123 and FLG 2133
Language and Culture 4 6 FLG 2133 and FLF 2143
Language 5 7 FLG 2143 and FLG 3114
Culture 5 6 FLG 2143 and FLG 3143
Comparative 4 or 5 3 PS 1513
United States 4 or 5 3 PS 1113
American 3 3 HI 1063
4 or 5 6 HI 1063 and HI 1073
European 3 3 HI 1213
4 or 5 6 HI 1213 and HI 1223
World 3 3 HI 1163
4 or 5 6 HI 1163 and HI 1173
13. HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 4 or 5 3 GR 2013
14. LATIN 3 6 FLL 1113 and FLL 1123
4 6 FLL 1123 and FLL 2133
5 6 FLL 2133 and FLL 2143
AB Exam 3, 4 or 5 3 MA 1713
BC Exam 3 3 MA 1713
4 or 5 6 MA 1713 and MA 1723
16. STATISTICS 4 or 5 3 ST 2113
17. PHYSICS (no lab credit)
CI Exam - MECH 3 3 PH 1113
4 or 5 3 PH 2213
CII Exam - E & M 3 3 PH 1133
4 or 5 3 PH 1133 or PH 2223
18. PHYSICS I 3, 4, or 5 3 PH 1113
19. PHYSICS II 3, 4, or 5 3 PH 1123
20. PSYCHOLOGY 3 3 PSY 1013
Language and Culture 3 6 FLS 1123 and FLS 2133
Language and Culture 4 6 FLS 2133 and FLS 2143
Language and Culture 5 6 FLS 2143 and FLS 3113
Literature and Culture 5 6 FLS 2143 and FLS 3143

As more high schools develop Advanced Placement courses, Mississippi State University will consider their inclusion in this listing for credit.

b. Advanced Standing Examinations.

Applications for advanced standing examinations must be submitted to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; application forms are available in that office and must be filled out in quintuplicate. Contact the Office of Academic Affairs for information on deadlines, etc. The applicant must be a regularly enrolled student in residence on the campus, when he or she files the application and takes the examination.

Advanced standing examinations must be taken within two weeks from the date of approval by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and the grade card (signed by the instructor who graded the examination, the head of the department, and the student’s dean), fee slip, a copy of the examination questions, and the examination paper must likewise be filed in the office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs within the same two-week period; otherwise, the student’s application becomes null and void.

The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor concerning the time and the place of the examination. The student must appear for the examination on the date agreed upon. The student may attempt an advanced standing examination in a given course only one time and there will be no appeal process.

Grades of C or better are satisfactory (S) grades, and will be so designated on the transcript, and will accrue hours toward graduation, including courses specifically required for graduation. Grades below C are unsatisfactory and are not recorded on the transcript. Courses passed or failed on advanced standing examinations will have no bearing on the computation of the grade point average.

Credits earned through an advanced standing examination in any course considered prerequisite for an advanced course will be applied toward graduation hours only if the examination is passed before the advanced class has been started.

c. College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

Academic credit on the Subject Examinations is awarded to students who are enrolled at the University and who make a scaled score of 50 or above (see exceptions below). Credit is neither awarded nor accepted for transfer credit for the General Examinations. Credit is considered the same as extension credit and is subject to the same limitations. The applicability of credit toward degree requirements is determined by the dean and/or department head concerned. At present, the only courses for which credit may be obtained through the CLEP Program are these:

ACC 2013Principles of Financial Accounting3
BIS 1012Introduction to Business Information Systems2
BIO 1023Plants and Humans (requires score of 50-59)3
BIO 1123
BIO 1134
Animal Biology
and Biology I (requires score of 60-69)
BIO 1134
BIO 1144
Biology I
and Biology II (requires score of 70-80)
CH 1213Chemistry I3
CH 1223Chemistry II3
EC 2113Principles of Macroeconomics3
EC 2123Principles of Microeconomics3
EPY 2513Human Growth and Development3
EPY 3503Principles of Educational Psychology3
FLF 1113French I3
FLF 1123French II3
FLF 2133French III (requires score of 63)3
FLF 2143French IV (requires score of 63)3
FLG 1113German I3
FLG 1123German II3
FLG 2133German III (requires score of 63)3
FLG 2143German IV (requires score of 63)3
FLS 1113Spanish I3
FLS 1123Spanish II3
FLS 2133Spanish III (requires score of 63)3
FLS 2143Spanish IV (requires score of 63)3
HI 1063Early U.S. History3
HI 1073Modern U.S. History3
HI 1213Early Western World3
HI 1223Modern Western World3
MA 1313College Algebra3
MA 1453Precalculus with Graphing Calculators3
MA 1713
MA 1723
Calculus I
and Calculus II
MKT 3013Principles of Marketing3
PS 1113American Government3
PSY 1013General Psychology3
SO 1003Introduction to Sociology3

For further information about CLEP and a form for application to take the tests, please write to: Computer Based Testing, P.O. Box 9747, Mississippi State, MS 39762, or call (662) 325-6610.

d. The International Baccalaureate.

The International Baccalaureate program is a comprehensive and rigorous two-year curriculum, leading to examinations, for students between sixteen and nineteen years of age. To accommodate differences among cultures regarding academic standards, it is a deliberate compromise between the specialization required in some national systems and the breadth preferred in others. The general objectives of the IB are to provide students with a balanced education; to facilitate geographic and cultural mobility; and to promote international understanding through a shared academic experience. The student who satisfies its demands demonstrates a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of the mastery of subject content and in the development of the skills and discipline necessary for success in a competitive world.

All IB Diplomas candidates are required to offer one subject from each of the groups. At least three and not more than four of the six subjects are taken at the Higher level, the others at the Subsidiary level. Each examined subject is graded on a scale of 1 (minimum) to 7 (maximum). The award of the Diploma requires a minimum total of 24 points and the satisfactory completion of three additional requirements: the Extended Essay of some 4000 words, which provides the first experience of the independent research paper; a course entitled Theory of Knowledge (ToK), which explores the relationships among the various disciplines and ensures that students engage in critical reflection and analysis of the knowledge acquired within and beyond the classroom; the compulsory participation in Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) extracurricular and community-service activities. Bonus points may be awarded for the exceptional essay or performance in Theory of Knowledge.

Mississippi State University recognizes the IB Program. Credit will be considered for the higher level subject examinations with scores of 5, 6 or 7 pending approval of the various colleges, schools and major departments of the university. Some subject areas may consider a score of 4.

Mississippi State University awards credit in the following areas:

IB Credit Score/Level Required Credit to Award
ENGLISH 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL EN 1103 and EN 1113
CHEMISTRY 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL CH 1213 and CH 1223
American 6 STANDARD LEVEL HI 1063
5 or 6 HIGHER LEVEL HI 1063 and HI 1073
5 or 6 HIGHER LEVEL HI 1313 and HI 1323
European 6 STANDARD LEVEL HI 1213
5 or 6 HIGHER LEVEL HI 1213 and HI 1223
Islamic 4 HIGHER LEVEL HI 1163
5 OR 6 HIGHER LEVEL HI 1163 and HI 1173
5, 6, or 7 STANDARD LEVEL BIO 1023 and BIO 1123
7 HIGHER LEVEL BIO 1134 and BIO 1144
6 HIGHER LEVEL PH 1113 and PH 1123 or PH 2213
7 HIGHER LEVEL waiver for PH 1113 and credit for PH 1123 and PH 1133 or PH 2213 and PH 2223
ECONOMICS 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL EC 2113 and EC 2123
SPANISH 5, 6, or 7 STANDARD LEVEL FLS 2133 and FLS 2143
4, 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL FLS 2133 and FLS 2143
LATIN 5, 6, or 7 STANDARD LEVEL FLL 2133 and FLL 2143
4, 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL FLL 2133 and FLL 2143
FRENCH 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL FLF 1113, FLF 1123, FLF 2133, and FLF 2143
GERMAN 5, 6, or 7 HIGHER LEVEL FLG 1113, FLG 1123, FLG 2133, and FLG 2143

A final official IB transcript will be sent by the International Baccalaureate North America (IBNA) regional office following the grade awarding and upon the request of the student. The document will indicate the level of the subjects, the grade awarded in each, the total point score and the completion of the additional Diploma requirements. Results are available in late July for May session candidates.

e. Cambridge International

Students entering Mississippi State University for the first time may be granted credit for examinations administered by Cambridge International. Courses taken as part of the AS level or A level curricula will be considered. Grades of Satisfactory (S) appear on the transcript for courses in which Cambridge credit is earned. These courses do not affect grade-point averages. Applicability of such credit to a specific degree is to be determined by the appropriate dean. Contact the Office of the Registrar for details on how credit is presently assigned in the various subject areas.