2017-18 Academic Catalog

Student Account Management

A financial record for each student is maintained and presented to the student via the myState portal. The information is considered confidential; however, the records of students will be available for examination by authorized representatives of the Government. Current T&RF should be paid by the established monthly due date. Partial payments of an account balance are permitted during the semester/term; however, monthly service fees will apply (See “Payment Due Dates and Service Fees”.) Students are responsible for payment of all T&RF charges unless they either cancel their schedule or withdraw from school by the first day of class. See refund schedule at http://www.registrar.msstate.edu/Policies/RefundSchedule.pdf. Failure to take appropriate withdrawal action may result in significant payment obligations.

According to established University policy, student accounts must be current (i.e., not on an Account Services/Financial hold) in order to continue enrollment at MSU. To avoid unnecessary delays in your continued enrollment, please review your account to insure all previously billed charges have been paid.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact Account Services: